Repeat mark after segno


I have a dal segno and I would like Dorico to do the 2 repeat bar again with the number 1 and 2
The first one no problem but in the 2nd one he doesn’t do them.
What should I do?
I have checked replay the repeat bar and checked do the repeat bar in the play mode.
I have a problem too with the repeat bar at the end that goes to the pickup instead of the first bar.
Please help me

I’m not completely clear on what you’re asking for, but is it perhaps the case that you need to enable the option on the Repeats page of Playback Options to play repeats after a D.C./D.S. jump?

in fact after the dal segno sign Dorico plays me the repeat mark and enters the number 1 and then the 2 but he doesn’t do it at the measure below
He doesn’t play the repeat bar bar 22 to go into number 3 and then 4, he goes directly into 4


in mon beau sapin at the final repeat bar it goes back to the pickup bar

So, if I’m understanding correctly, this is about the question of whether to include repeats in a D.C. or D.S., which is something that needs to be specified in such a score.

I don’t know the answer for Dorico; I’m just trying to aid the English translation.

no the problem is that Dorico doesn’t do all the repeat bars with number 1 and 2.
He does the first ones but refuses to do the others after a dal segno

That is exactly what I said, so we’re in agreement.

I could reproduce this problem too. After segno, Dorico jumps over bars 21 and 22.
dorico jumps over bar 21&22 after segno.dorico (464.3 KB)

What Can I do ?

As a workaround, in Engrave mode, select the 1st repeat ending at bar 21, set No. times played to 4, set Times played for segment to 1,3 , and set Custom text to 1. . Then select the 2nd repeat ending, and set Custom text to 2. .
This setting will probably give you the playback you want.
(workaround)dorico jumps over bar 21&22 after segno.dorico (464.6 KB)

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For mon beau sapin, how about changing the last end repeat bar in the same position as the dal segno to a double bar?

mon beau sapin repeat structure.dorico (365.9 KB)

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Bravo @tomotomo2
You’re absolutely right, I’ll do that.
I also keep the 1.3 and 2.4 which I find more logical.
That’s what I usually do anyway.
Thank you for the precious help you have found the solution.

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