Repeat mark doesn't show when attached to final barline

I’ve experienced a strange behaviour: when I create a D.C. mark attached to the final barline and the top staff of the system is condensed, Dorico doesn’t display the repeat mark, however it can be seen in galley view that it’s there. In page view (or in Engrave Mode), it appears only if I drag it to another rhythmic position or I disable condensing. Am I missing something?

Do you have local time signatures in one of the condensed staffs?
Also, I think it might be helpful to attach your project in a reduced version here (zip it before uploading), as I could only speculate.

Not project-specific, I think - if I open a new empty project (e.g. from Dorico’s film score template), create some measures and attach a D.C. to the final barline, when I enable condensing, the D.C. disappears.

Yes, this looks like a bug. Thanks for reporting it. We’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.