Repeat Marker collides with notes in some layouts

I have a big band piece with a D.S al Coda repeat structure. The “To Coda” repeat marker collides with the notes in that bar and with text (shift+x) I input but only in the four trumpet part layouts (see image attached). In all other layouts the repeat marker moves when I input text or when I transpose the notes. Strangely, when I set in layout options the default placement of repeat jumps to “below staff” the repeat marker moves correctly when I transpose the notes. Can anybody help, please?
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Are you able to attach the project in which this occurs? The project itself is really needed for us to be able to answer your question efficiently. (I hate to sound like a broken record…)

Hello Daniel,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply!
Attached you will find a cut-down version of the project.
Strangely enough, the “error” has disappeared after deleting players and bars. I then created the cut-down version step by step and always checked if the error still occurs. In the current version the error only occurs in the first two trumpet layouts (before that it was the case with all four trumpet layouts). However, if I delete the last two bars, the error disappears in these layouts as well.

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Cut (463 KB)

Thanks for attaching your project, Jens. Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the problem with any of the layouts in the project. If you reopen it now and look at it on your own system, do you still see the same collisions?

Ah, I stand corrected: if I change the pitch of the final note in the trumpet 1 layout that coincides with the “To Coda” marking, the “To Coda” marking doesn’t move out of the way on its own; but if you reopen the project, then it will. We’ll look into this further; for now, you can close and reopen the project and you should find that it moves to the right spot automatically.

Hello Daniel,

Thanks so much for taking the time to look into this!
Unfortunately, even after reopening the project, the “error” still exists, at least in the first and second trumpet.
I guess the instrument change from trumpet to flugelhorn causes this. When I move the notes of bars 4 and 5 to the trumpet (so there is no instrument change anymore) the “To Coda” moves correctly when I change the pitches of the notes in bar 1 upwards.
Can you reproduce this?

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Yes, I think the problem is that the rhythmic position at which the To Coda marking is located is technically in the new instrument, and so it’s positioning the repeat marker against the empty staff belonging to the new instrument rather than the staff that is actually appearing there.