Repeat marker wings

Quick question about repeat marker wings, are these only available in Dorico Pro and not in Elements?

I can them see in the documentation for Pro - Hiding/Showing wings on repeat barlines

They have to be enabled in Engraving Options, and I’m afraid that dialog is not available in Elements. If you want, you can attach your project here or send it to me, and I will switch on that option and return the project to you.

Thanks @dspreadbury I actually currently have the trial, so if i simply open in pro then make the changes for my project would that work?

And thinking further, is this something that would be retained if I created a project template? Though again, are custom projects also a pro feature?

It’s amusing that the additional features in Pro are relatively few for me personally… but that they’re annoying enough to have to either do manually (part layout headers for 16 parts per big band arrangement is actually a surprisingly long time to do manually) and a few little things like this. Probably not worth the full price difference, but whilst we’re in sale period… :thinking:

Project templates are indeed a Pro-only feature, but you can use the poor man’s version of that feature (if calling it that isn’t too on the nose!), by simply copying an existing project file that has all of the settings you want to use already contained within it, then opening it up, deleting the existing music and players, and then adding new flows and players for your new project.

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