Repeat markers

Hi, in the attached file I would like the first 23 bars played 3 times with the last time a jump from before bar 8 to coda. What am I doing wrong?

P. S. I can’t find the button to attach a file😟

Something is wrong: DS al coda means there is a segno somewhere… But it’s Da Capo three times (or a repeats double line, not both) and the third time, it goes to coda where To Coda is indicated. A x3 marking with the Da Capo (or above the dotted double line) should be quite understandable, and 3rd time To Coda too… Is this a playback problem or a notation problem?

Thanks Marc. I should have chosen D.C. instead of D.S. If I don’t chosse a dotted bar liune I have no chance to tell Dorico how often ist should play. It’s a play problem.

I see. There’s a redundancy here. Maybe you should stick to ||: :|| with x3 above the :|| one, and a text marking (3rd time to Coda) for real players. And if you need a playback that works, use first-second and third endings, those are perfectly handled by Dorico for playback. My 2 c.