repeat measures?

hi all,

I’m muddling through the steep (for me) learning curve of cubase 10 using a yamaha mx88 with macbook (utd OS). question(s):

  1. If I want a repeating measure, say for a baseline or a drum track, is there an easy way to copy/paste? The way that I found is I can lay down my 2 measures (for example) of a base track, and copy, but it only lets me paste where the cursor is. So, it’s really tedious if I want, say, 16 measures of a repeating baseline because I have to move the cursor to paste each time.
    -is there a way to just copy and then paste and have it automatically tag the paste onto the end of measure? IE, I’d love to be able to copy and then hit paste like 16 times to give me a bunch of room to play and layer on top- and then I can adjust # measures later. Doable?

  2. I’ve figured out (with some help from forum) how to record an audio track from my layered midi tracks. But, the audio is quiet despite the output (keyboard) being at max volume. Am I supposed to be mixing the volumes before recording audio? And- where do I do this?



Hi Brad,

Welcome to the forums and, apparently, to Cubase as well. Yes, the learning curve can be a little daunting, but you’ll quickly get things going.

The questions you ask are best answered with demonstration videos in youtube. The operations manual also explains how to do this.

A lot of work can be done in the Project Window. You can use basic Cut and Paste from the Edit Menu and there are many other ways to repeat and duplicate measures.

May I suggest you go to your forum profile and edit the “signature” to include some basic information about the system you’re working on.

Good luck.

Hold the [Alt]-Key and drag the lower right corner of the MIDI part you want to copy to the desired number of bars. Or use „repeat“.

Thanks so much