Repeat [n] times and fade

Writing out a few jazz fake sheets, and ending with the old “repeat ad lib and fade”.

I’m using the repeat [n ] times feature (for both notation and playback), but choosing “neither” for Count location, and instead using the Text tool, in Write mode, for the actual “repeat ad lib and fade” instruction.

Is there a more direct or efficient way of achieving this?

Thanks . . .

If you are trying to avoid using the actual repeat structures (lines above measures) and only display repeat barlines, then I think you’ve got the best approach at the moment.

A slight improvement, perhaps, would be to create a custom playing technique with that instruction if it is something you use often, that way you can apply the text with a single click rather than re-typing it each time.

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Thanks very much, Romanos401 – I haven’t yet looked into custom playing techniques, but this sounds like a great suggestion!

[Later] Just created the desired text via the Playing Techniques editor, using the Default text font (Academico), that suits the purpose.

However, I’m unable to find a way of changing the font size – is this possible, or would I have to do this manually each time?

You could use another font style or scale it in the properties panel.



Thanks, Jesper!

I’m a bit hesitant to make any changes to the repeat endings font, as that’s already in use, but changing the repeat ad lib and fade text via the Properties custom scale feature looks good!

I see that Daniel and Pianoleo have discussed creating a custom font style (within Playing Techniques) by entering the desired font as a glyph ( Just add a glyph from the font you want), but that is – so far – beyond my understanding.

It seem to be the paragraph style “Repeat count” that is used, but you don’t have that as a choice, only Font styles. Try using the immediate tempo text font.


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Try using the immediate tempo text font

Looks the same.


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Many thanks for taking the time on my behalf, Jesper – I really appreciate it! :smiley:

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