Repeat n times property for ending barlines gone?


Dorico 5.1.21 on windows 10.

I’ve got a repeat ending I created using the Repeats Popover/Ending. When I select the ending barline in either Engrave or Write modes, there’s no ‘repeat n times’ option in properties anymore?

Only when I select the ending bracket in Engrave mode does it come up with any otpion for this, as shown in the pic below, but it’s not like it was, there’s no option for the Play n times text etc.

The help file for 5.1 also says select the ending bar and select play n times…

Am I doing something stupid or has something changed?


You have selected the repeat ending, rather than the repeat barline (which is the vertical winged bit, rather than the horizontal bracket bit).

If you want the numbers displayed by the horizontal brackets to update to e.g. “1-3” and “4”, see here:

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Thanks for the reply, Lillie, but like I said, if I select the repeat ending barline, I get this:

In write mode:

and in engrave:



Ah right, of course yes – repeat barlines that coincide with repeat endings won’t have that property because the number of playthroughs (“times played”) is determined by the repeat ending itself.

So follow the last two links in my previous reply. Apologies for forgetting that nuance.

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Ah! That’ll be it. Sorry, I didn’t make that connection.