Repeat n times text missing on barlines

Hi I started using multiple repeats in a project and at some point the text stopped displaying on new repeat barlines. I tried turning it on and off or changing the engraving, but nothing worked. Now all of the text is missing from the repeats, even the ones that were working in the beginning.

Maasikas.dorico (579.7 KB)
here’s the project

In Playback options/Repeats check “play repeats”

The Playback Option mentioned above is automatically switched off when you close a project, if the project contains unbalanced repeats that would result in an infinite playback loop. If you’re finding that this happens for your project, take a look through what repeats are set up and double-check they’ve all got the right start/end points.

Also, in Properties, make sure that “Play n times” is enabled (you will need to select the repeat barline to see this property).