Repeat notes small bug


first of all thank you so much for the wonderful new version of Dorico!

I noticed a small bug while using the repeat notes function. If the number of repeated notes are entered though the keyboard and then pressing enter the number is ignored and just the first note is repeated


It sounds like pressing Enter is taking you into note input mode (with the caret showing). If so, this isn’t a bug - the Repeat command (“r” shortcut) in note input mode always repeats the chord to the left of the caret.

Or do you mean something to do with the Repeat Pitches musical transformation (e.g. from the shift-I popover)?

No, I mean the Repeat Pitches in Transform menu

Ah, right. Now I understand. The problem here is that the number you have typed in doesn’t get accepted until keyboard focus moves to somewhere else. So your best bet is to type in a number, then press tab to move the focus, and then hit Enter. However, you may find it quicker to select the notes, use the Shift-I popover (rather than the dialog), and then type in e.g. “rep 3” to repeat 3 pitches.

This has always been an irritation for me in settings dialogs, too, in both Sibelius and Dorico.
Is there no way to have the input accepted without leaving the field?

If this is too off-topic, I will bring it up another time.

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The problem is the way that “keyboard tracking” works in the cross-platform toolkit that we use. Either we have things the way they are, where you have to explicitly do something to finish the input into a control, or we have things where the user input is accepted after every keystroke. The problem with doing it the other way is that it becomes impossible to type some values: for example, imagine trying to type a negative number - if you want to type “-1”, you must first type “-”, but “-” isn’t a valid number on its own.

Understood. That explains it, thank you.