Repeat/play n times not showing

I want to repeat this section 3 times. However, the “play 4 times” is neither visible in the score nor in the parts. I also tried changing the time signature from 2/4=6/8 to 2/4, but that does not change it either.

Ok this is weird, I just checked again, and the repeat sign is showing in 2 out of 3 parts (pictures enclosed).

Also, is it possible to change the language of repeat markers to English? I use the program in German but would like to change this marker to English. I know you can change the instrument and tempo text language, but I dod not found anything which affects the repeat markers. A workaround would be to choose a custom text as prefix and suffix (for example: prefix = Play, suffix = times) but I think in future version it would be handy to simply change the language.

Can you attach the project so we can take a look and see why that marker might not be appearing?

As for being able to change the language independently, I agree that is desirable: I’ve made a note of it.

Enclosed is the project.

Kaleidoskop (Trio).dorico (463.8 KB)

Thanks for attaching the project. The reason the Play 4 times marking isn’t appearing is because you have a double barline only in the vibraphone instrument at bar 69, and some independent time signatures in the vibraphone staff at bar 57. Unfortunately Dorico cannot draw these markings when there are independent time signatures in play.

Ok thanks for checking. I’ll simply write it as system text then