Repeat Playback

Just input a short tune in to Dorico 1-2-10 and when playing back in write mode the repeats and first and second endings are not working. The tune just plays straight through from start to finish without them ! is there something i should be doing to make this work or should it be automatic ?


Welcome to the forum, CodexFaenza-13. Basic playback of repeats, i.e. playing back repeat endings and repeat barlines, was included in Dorico 1.2.10, if I remember correctly. Go to Play > Playback Options, and on the Repeats page, make sure ‘Play repeats’ is checked.

Dorico Pro 2 includes expanded support for repeats, including D.C./D.S./Coda/Fine etc. You may be interested to know that you can update from Dorico 1.2.10 to Dorico Pro 2 at a 30% discount until 29 January. Click here for more information.

Hello Daniel,
Just got around to trying your suggestion, I went into Play Mode which brought up Play in the menu bar, then to Playback options The three choices were marked as Dynamics - Pedal Lines - Timing. and nowhere could i see any mention of a Repeat Page or any mention of “Play Repeats”
Hope you can clarify, Thanks…

That’s probably because you’re on version 1.2.

So, the Basic playback of repeats were not included in the version 1.2 ? i thought that would be a basic feature and initially this is why i changed to Dorico from Sibelius, who at the time was not compatible when i upgraded the Mac O.S To High Sierra. Expect version 2 would have this function…


The version history suggests playback for repeats didn’t occur until v 2.0

Thanks for the info, will eventually get version 2.0

Sorry for misremembering when we added that feature. The gap between 1.2.10 and 2.0 was so short (only three months) and we have done so much since then that I sometimes struggle to get these details straight.