Repeat problem post

I have read where people have had problems with the automation icons in cubase…well I do too and have tried every fix mentioned in the forums with no results…except for one, if someone could access my computer and fix it like they did with someone else I would be grateful…it takes so much time to target those expansion lines with a touchpad pointer so I can monitor or not…that’s probably why I need them exposed all the time(the icons)…now maybe someone else has a new fix besides accessing my computer,in that case I would try it…so thanks for any responses. .


Sorry, I don’t get your point. What problem exactly do you have? You cannot reach the “Show Automation” button?

Then you can use the context-menu (right-click) and choose one of the option: Show Used Automation.

I cannot get the record and monitor icons back to horizontal…they are stacked now vertically and they take up too much room and I have to manipulate the touchpad pointer too much to get it like I want it…the project window tracks icons have always been horizontal and just the right size as long as I can remember…I’d send a pic but it says file size is too large…

Then you will find the answer in your other post.

That screen is blank…as stated by another member who posted about this problem…somehow I think someone (a technician) accessed the person’s computer and fixed it… I am not the only one who has tried other"proven" fixes and it didn’t work…I’ve tried just about every fix including uninstalling cubasele8 and reinstalling it…

I fixed it by deleting userpreferences file in the cubasele8 64 file in c:/users/my name/appdata/roaming/steinberg
Then locate cubasele8 64 file folder and open it then in the small search bar in that folder enter xml.
Then scroll down to userpreferences and delete the file…thanks…