Repeat ("R") with slurs


It would be great if using the R command on a slur would repeat with a new slur of the same length after the first one. I can imagine lots of places where this would save time.

As it is now, the slur repeats starting from the last note of the previous slur. Not so useful I think.

Even better, of course, would be an extended slur command where you can make a selection and apply lots of slurs at once by beats or number of notes.

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I have the same question, has this been adressed since this was posted in 2017?

  • “R” (repeat) for slurs on the next note in the same duration.
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No, there’s been no change in this area. I think it is a decent idea, and one that could potentially be applied to other kinds of notations in addition to slurs, but it’s not something we’ve prioritised thus far.