Repeat shortcut for chord symbols not working as expected

Let’s say you write 4 chord symbols (1 chord per bar), (lasso-) select them all and press R (repeat).
The new set of chords, strangely, don’t start at bar 5 but on bar 4, overwriting the last chord symbol. This has always happened (since version 2) and I am confused to why this would the default behaviour. With notes or other symbols the ‘repeat’ function works as expected.

Is there something I am missing or is this a bug?


The same sort of thing happens when repeating groups of slurs. Somewhere on this forum Daniel has given an explanation of why. Probably best to use ALT/OPT + Click to reproduce items in these areas.

This was brought up last month and last year.

Yes. thanks for pointing that out. I knew that it was a known issue.
I don’t think the explanation why this happens is sufficiently satisfying, Since the function ‘repeat’ has a clear purpose. If that means chord symbols and slurs need a different implementation than notes, so be it, imo. It is an inconsistency in behaviour of the software.
Not a big deal, so I understand it is not high on the priority list but enoying enough to result in frustration. :slight_smile:

In the meantime alt-click it is…

The repeat function works by repeating the selected items immediately after the last selected item. With notes and many other types of item, Dorico can take the duration of the last selected item into account when determining the start position of the repeated material.

Chord symbols don’t have any duration, so Dorico has no way of knowing where you want the repeated material to start, other than immediately after the last selected item. While it’s clear to you in your mind that a regular pattern of chord symbols has been established, Dorico can’t make that same determination.

It really does feel to me that in this kind of situation, copy and paste is more practical than Repeat, because it easily allows you to specify the start position.

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Hi Daniel
Thanks for chiming in. I don’t understand why Dorico is at least not able to be tought that it shouldn’t overwrite existing items when repeating.
Because it isn’t inputting the copy after the last item of the selection like you say. Instead it is overwriting the last selected item. Which in my opinion should not be the default behaviour of the “repeat” function.
It leads to errors, sometimes unnoticed errors when in a hurry.

If it is impossible to implement the repeat function on slurs and chord symbols the correct way, I for my part would prefer that it wouldn’t do nothing instead.
At least not a ”wrong” copy, musically speaking, because I don’t see any situation where that kind of behaviour would be useful.


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I’m not sure what “the correct way” would be. While I agree that it certainly shouldn’t overwrite anything, even if it were to put the first chord symbol immediately following the last selected one, that still wouldn’t be what you want a lot of the time.

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