Repeat sign in one part

I’m workIng on an very modern piece for 3 trumpets

  1. Is there a way to write an repeat sign only in one of the parts
  2. How can I write an metronome indication also only in one Part
    Thank’s for helping me


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I would use MusGlyphs and make these staff text objects.

For independent repeats, you need to do the following.

  1. enter an independent time signature: in the part you want to assign the repeats to, go back to the latest time signature and enter it again, but confirm with alt-enter(!). This will create an independent time signature for this player.
  2. go to the place you want the independent repeat section to start and hit shift-b, then type ‚start‘ (without the Apostrophe ofc) and hit again alt-enter
  3. do the Same for the end repeat (shift-b, end, alt-enter)


works Fine

Many thankßs to you all