repeat sign problem

I have a piece in 12/8. I can’t place the end repeat properly - Dorico puts it before the last 1/8 note. See enclosed.
What to do ?

Dear madsv,
I suppose you select the last barline before invoke shift-b popover and input “:|” ?

Hi Marc, - thank’s for answering!
No - I select the barline and then select the end repeat icon under “create barline” and that doesn’t work.
Your solution works - but when I select the next bar to input a new start repeat the previous end repeat goes away. And vice versa. So I’m stuck :frowning:

hi Mads!
There’s a separate option for that, just open the shift+b popover and write endstart. You’ll also find it in the right hand panel.

Try inputting (in the shift-B popover) “:|:”, that will create both the end repeat and the start repeat for the next section.
[Seeing Anders responding while typing this:] That’s equivalent to “startend”

YES! - Thank’s :slight_smile: