Repeat sign

Is it possible to record repeats with first and second endings in dorico?

Its possible to write repeats but dorico will ignore them at playback and I couldn’t find how to enter first/second endings.

I’m afraid Dorico doesn’t yet include support for 1st/2nd ending lines, but we hope to have them included in the next update.

Thanks for this information. At the moment I can deal with it. Am looking forward to the next versions of dorico.

I have search for 2 whole days where the repeat endings are hidden. And yet…
It is unthinkable that a modern (or even next generation?) notation software do not support the repeat endings… So please fix this problem as soon as possible.

Dear Selmerleung,
I think you might be the only user in this forum that does not know that the repeats and endings are coming in the next update, which should be delivered in the next days ! Now you know it, and, as it has been shown in a John Barron two weeks ago, it is going to be very well implemented, as many other fundamental things :wink: