Repeat start - non segno

Hi all,

I’m a relatively new user of Dorico, and I’m working in Dorico 3, so apologies if this is obvious and I somehow missed the boat. But right now when I pull up the repeat popover and type in either “start” or “|:” it shows a segno and not a simple repeat barline. The way I did it was pull up the barline popover and type either of those.

Shouldn’t that be available in the repeat popover? Or is this something later Dorico versions do? I spent 30 minutes trying to find out how to make a simple repeat barline and, while I guess I understand why it should be in the barline popover, I don’t understand why the automatic in the repeat popover is to add a segno.

Thanks for your help everyone.

Welcome to the forum @pauljohnrudoi !

The reason here is that the repeats popover doesn’t input barlines, even repeat barlines: the repeats popover is for other repeat markers, repeat endings, bar repeat regions etc. Although I can see how you came to that conclusion!

A segno was input because that was the closest match to what you had typed in the popover.

For future reference, here is the Dorico 3 page about the bars and barlines popover (admittedly, search results for phrases like “add start repeat” have improved a lot in the manual since this version!)

Hi Lillie,

Thanks for the clarification. Part of the beauty of Dorico is being able to do so many things in so many different ways that don’t clash, aka the UI is generally really intuitive. I was surprised that this didn’t make sense, but seeing your response, it definitely makes sense now. Thanks for your help!

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