Repeat Structure, Correct Playback


Is it possible to get this repeat structure to work in playback?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t play back with repeats, because of the lack of the forward repeat bar at the beginning of the Trio. In Playback Options > Repeats I get “Invalid repeat structure detected.”

I’ve seen similar things in other posts but this seems quite specific. The solutions to other posts came at a compromise to certain visual attributes of the score and there are certain visual aspects I need to retain here.

  1. Visual appearance and placement of the repeat barlines.

    • I’ve considered using custom barlines that appear as repeat barlines and using a hidden D.S.-Segno path to create the proper playback. But I am unsure if custom barlines (possible in Finale, where I’m coming from) are even possible in Dorico.
  2. The cautionary key signature before the Trio.

    • I’ve attempted changing the Trio to a Coda but, I can’t figure out how to retain the cautionary key signature in the previous bar, and (as far as I can tell) it still doesn’t solve the issue of the lack of a forward repeat at the beginning of the Coda.

Here is this project file:
20240524 Repeat Structure for Playback.dorico (590.6 KB)

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you!

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Does this project give you the repeat structure and playback you want?

Repeat Structure.dorico (553.0 KB)

Dorico will not allow you to omit the start repeat barline at the beginning of the Trio, but it can be hidden. I added an empty 1/1024 measure at the start of the second system containing this barline and covered it with staff text consisting of several spaces with a white background.

I assume that the fermatas over the barlines in your example mean that there should be pauses between the Menuetto and the Trio, so I added an empty 2/4 measure at the end of each system. The bar rests in the empty measures were removed and note spacing mode was used to compress these measures.



Wow! This is incredible. I’m going to attempt to implement this into my current project.

Thank you!


After fiddling with your file, and mine for a few minutes, I cannot for the life of me figure out how you hid the barlines of the 2/4 measures at the end of the systems.


I noticed that you have “No Barline” in Notation Options>Automatic barline at end of flow. But how did you achieve this in the first system?

If you switch to galley view and click on the start repeat barline after the key signature change, you will see that Barline at end of system is set to None in the properties panel.