Repeat structure playback question

Any idea how to “wire” the attached repeat structure to get the intended playback?

repeat-wire-problem.dorico (389.2 KB)

I’m not sure how to interpret that. But here is my best guess.
repeat-wire-problem 2.dorico (389.1 KB)

Thanks for the working solution. Nevertheless, this is not handy if the Trio is a bit longer then in the example, lets say 4 pages. The player would have to turn a lot of pages only to play two more bars…
So, is there a solution that would in the first run jump over the two-bar coda to the trio, then return to start, run then into the coda and end?

This is rather unconventional as the DS jumps forward. But, it actually plays back.
repeat-wire-problem3.dorico (389.1 KB)

Yes, that’s it. Solved! D.S. → Segno. Great, thanks! Some refinements…:

repeat-wire-problem4.dorico (389.3 KB)

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