Repeat the currently playing part

Is there a function to say during playback, repeat the currently playing part? That would be great for a free solo during the show.

Hi! Cycle it? Set locators, activate cycle

Play song,
It gets to cycle-d selection
It will start cycle
Release cycle btn when you feel its time to move on next time when reaching right locator

Cycle selection is a saved parameter

Exactly. You can also program cycle on/off in “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts” to be triggered by MIDI command.

Thank you for the answer, that’s good to know. Is it also possible to decide during playback, now an indefinite part should be repeated? Something like in Ableton?

You can activate the cycle just as well as you can deactivate it. So if you expect some solo action or whatever the likes, prepare a cycle around that range, and activate when needed.