Repeat to fill selection

In PT you can copy paste regions or automation points until the selction with this function.

I’m trying to do the same in Nuendo using fill loop. Unfortunately this function is not the same: it doesnt work with automation points (just selected audio) and its workflow seems a bit akward.

Is there a pasting function or a workaround in Nuendo that does this?

No solution? Really?

Use the range tool and fill loop.

Unfortunately, it is not as elegant as Pro Tools where it will fill from the clipboard, In Nuendo you have to “Deactivate Cycle follow Range Selection”
Step 1 use range toolset you in and out the point of the area you wish to loop fill.
Step 2 highlight the area you wish to use as a source to fill with (an I think it has to to be from the same track)

Step 3 fill loop

But I’m having the problem that it doesnt fill smaller parts that the copied one. So if I copy 30 sec roomtone i cant fill those in 10 sec selection. Which is a pain if you want to cut production sound.
Is there any walkaround?

It should, I just tested it as you described and confirmed it.

yes it works now. Thank you.
It’s pretty unconfortable. Once you deactivate it you can copy paste the range. But when you reactivate it it loses the copied buffer, so if you have to copy paste roomtone it’s not the best option…

This has been a longstanding bugbear for me, as well; started posting about it back around N3.

I’ve since learned to work around it, thanks to forum members and the macro function, and am probably happier with what I’m working with now than I would have been with a practical “fill range” solution. Not saying that we couldn’t have better here!

I use, and I think a good handful of people here do, as well, a track dedicated to room tone, “fill looped” across the timeline; broken up as necessary for different scenes. It is placed directly underneath the working track in the project window. I have a macro assigned to my mouse wheel click that copies selected range from the track below (RT) and places it in the one above. A one-click fix. Certainly this does not work for all situations, but it’s done me well.


Thanx Chewy. Yeah, this is really a feature for postpro that nuendo MUST have.
I also use a roomtone track but this idea of a macro is a brilliant workaround. Thanx for sharing this


In addition to that, which I used years ago when I did far more production sound editing, you can add that the macro first copy/pastes the source audio before copying. This way you can have (like in Chewy’s example) a room tone track below and a production sound effects track above. One key-command/macro then replaces/adds room tone only while the other can take for example a door close and move it up to the pfx track for the sfx editor and then immediately after fill in the space with tone…

Wow… This is advanced…
Thanx for the suggestions, I’ll probably use these a lot.
You made my day :slight_smile:)))

There are Many ways to skin a cat.

You can also do it in a reversed fashion.
Loop the fill needed, select the dialog and copy-drag (CMD+alt IIRC on a mac I use muscle memory so I’m not 100%sure it’s the correct combo) the dialog ontop of the fill and then delete it again. Prerequisite is that delete overlaps is ON and you may want to consider automation follows as well depending on your workflow.

Alternately if you want to have the fill on the same track as the dialog (depends on why and how you use the “fill”) is to NOT have delete overlaps activated, place the fill underneath the dialog lines, edit until happy, then issue the command delete overlaps, now select all the events and press xfade. This can be created as a macro doing it in a single keystroke.
This way you don’t have to select the ranges to fill manually, this works well when editing noisy lavs in my workflow.

Or if you want to keep the fill split on a separate track but want to edit them as a whole you use the first method, Dont delete and keep editing, when happy with all the fades etc you just select the fill elements using the cursor and drag them to your fill track, all fades will stay matched and exactly the sames but now separated on two tracks.
To additionally speed if this is something you do a lot of the time, then create a PLE script that only selects the fill and not the dialog so you can choose it automatically and not spend time doing it manually.

Are these more complex than the PT option? Yes they are. Are they faster then the PT option? Quite often the answer is hell yes. But it requires a change in your workflow and some time spent on learning your tools.

Definitely agree!
After using both Nuendo and PT I realized that Nuendo has more possibilities and is much more configurable as PT. And at the end, the solution is always a Macro!