Repeat when (double) barline are selected, doesn't copy them: Why(2)?

All in the title + gif
Can be great to have this possibility
usage: I often must copy passages for educational exercises and transposition licks

It did for me at least in one of the files I tested. Not sure why the difference.

I tried on my second computer: doesn’t work! I’m on Windows! I speak about « R » repeat and not copy and paste!

Dorico does not currently allow special barlines (or bar number changes) to be copied when using R to repeat the selection. We’ll consider changing this in future.

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Thank you for your answers and hopes:
Indeed something like shift + R which would also copy doubles or other barlines would be good for uses in writing educational scores.

And while we are on the subject of copies, one of my wishes would be to have a function like shift +duplicate flow that would have the effect of duplicating a flow with everything (layout, slice,…) for educational always would be great.

But anyway and you already know it, your software is really great