Repeatable Crash - Dragging windows between dual monitors (VST Live 1.1.30)


I’ve encountered a repeatable crash when dragging the VST Live window between monitors when plugin windows are open

VST Live: 1.1.30
OS: Windows 10 Pro: 19044
GPU: NVidia RTX 3080 (516.94)


  1. Start VST Live and open a new project (e.g. the default project) on primary monitor
  2. Open a VST instrument window (e.g. Halion Sonic SE) on primary monitor
  3. Drag VST Live project window to secondary monitor
  4. VST Live silently crashes (app stutters slightly, then plugin and project windows disappear within about 1 second)

Additional info:

  • When a plugin window isn’t open, I notice that there is a degree of visual stuttering when I drag the VSTLive project window from one monitor to the other. This does not occur with any other application I have used. It’s as though VSTLive gets stuck briefly as it switches monitors.

Crash dump from one of the crashes this evening is attached to this post. Please let me know if you need any more info.

VST Live Version 1.1.30 2023.1.7 (852.9 KB)

… thank you, @Fergal. We’ll analyse it.


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We can reproduce the crash and will fix with the next version, thanks for reporting!

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