Repeatable Crash today on reopening project on 9.5!!!!!!!

Hi, where is technical support from Steinberg? I paid a lot of money for Cubase 9.5.

Yesterday I was working on a project, VST load get almost to 100%. Today it crashes with exception or ippsp error (No DLLs were found in the Waterfall procedure).

Same happens when opening backup project.

It happens always in the same moment when loading a specific channel.

I have increased ASIO buffer size to 4096 (RME PciExpress) as last time it helped to decrease VST load.

This is serious critical issue!

Hi and welcome,

Could you share (via Dropbox or similar) the crashlog file (located in Documents/Steinberg/crashdumps), please?

Ahoj Marine, jasně.

Here is last 11 crashdumps:

I think this situation will happen more often now in 9.5 when the number of insert effects has been increased. Also I had a problem one day before this that it won’t load any new plugins. And found out that this is a bug from 2016 that Steinberg is trying to solve with Microsoft.

I’m on Windows 10 and for example Reaper DAW had never such a problem and trust me that I do crazy stuff like 30 channels with complex routing and 5 VST FX on every channel. It is very common to have 150 VST plugins in a project.

Also my PC is Intel i7 hex core with 12 threads and 24 GB RAM. So my CPU usage is like 20%. The maximum I had ever was 50%. My soundcard is RME RayDat PCI Express, so I can have buffer sizes like 512, 1024, 2048, 4096. Mostly use something between 1024 and 4096 including.

Before you tell me to rename my VST folder to load the project and do something here and then rename it back, there is such thing that most VST effects are in Cubase on FX Channel. And I found out that FX channel cannot be freezed nor saved to audio somehow. So this is like a dead end.

PS: my job is software development (including VST), I have installed debugger and can go to debug in Visual Studio when Cubase crashes and get some additional information.

And one meme from KVRAudio that supports my point of view:

“This issue affects all host applications written in the C++ programming language, except those who allow loading plug-ins into separate processes (which isn’t always feasible for low-latency real-time audio applications).”
I am curious how Bitwig, Reaper, and others are not having this problem.

Steinberg maybe will finally refactor this terrible spaghetti of Cubase sold as premium quality.

EDIT: It has been 2 days since I cannot work in the studio, now it’s weekend, so another 2 days. On Monday there will be probably some new post, but it will be something like we are sorry and I doubt it will be something like: we went through the logs and will fix it in a new version…even if it would be like that I know how long it takes to release new version, so I can close my work for like 3 months because of this. That is a lot of money during that period! And my studio is a registered business company. This is a professional support for business customers?


All crashes are in Analog Lab. Update this Arturia plug-in, please.

Hi, I sold Arturia 4 years ago. Never used it in Cubase, so I’m not sure if this is the solution. Anyway I will remove dll from folder.

So still not sure how some dll not being loaded crashes opening a project. This crash does not happen during startup when vsts are scanned.

Deleting Arturia VST3 files helped and now it does not crash, but this error still shows up every time. I made a photo of plugins on that particular channel.



Try to follow this.

Ahh, okay so it is Intel library. Anyway from the doc: "Intel® IPP is also a key component of Intel® Parallel Studio XE and Intel® System Studio. ". Was looking to download it, but they have only 30 day trial. Strange that I’m using Cubase actively for 6 months and now it started to happen in only this particular project after the crash. Other backups are unaffected. Is there some information which plugin does this problem, please?