Repeatable crash


Giving WL 7.1 another try on Mac. Still finding the new appearance very tiring.

If I open a Montage, load in a clip (mono 44.1KHz) , deleted a segment from the middle of the clip, focus the remaining first segment, open the “Focused Clip” tab, (move the Focused clip tab to the left of the Montage window were I like it to be) then clip on the “Edit” button (the one in the Focussed Clip Window) WL unexpectedly crashes.

Pretty basic …stuff. I’m expecting the audio file to open in a Wave window?

Crash log attached

WL 7 Crash.txt (40.5 KB)

I can’t reproduce. When you click on the Edit button, is there already an Audio File Workspace open? If yes, is there already an audio file open?
Since what you do is very common and I haven’t got a similar report so far, maybe this occurs on your system because of some past configuration. I recommend you to erase this folder and try again:

/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab 7/

If this happens again from a preference-less setup, then an exact step by step procedure would be welcome. Thanks.


No I didn’t have any other Audio Files open … but yes deleting the Preferences cleared it all up!.

Should have known… :blush:



I had a few problems when I updated to 7.1.
I deleted the preferences folder completely and everything’s working great so far . . .
Just had to retweak my workspace and preferences.