Repeated Crashes in WL7 Montage + Feature Request

Hi All,

First the request: Unless I’m missing something, it’d be great to have a couple of basic key commands for plugin windows in the montage. If you’re working with a large amount of clips with individual plugins, they can quickly accumulate and it is very annoying to have to manually close each window. It would be far better if there was two options: 1. ‘HIDE’ all open plugin windows; and 2. ‘CLOSE’ all open plugin windows. Logic has this and it is a huge time saver.

Secondly, I get repeated crashes while working on montage files. Nothing I do specifically triggers the crash. They happen sometimes for no apparent reason. I’m pretty disappointed it is this unstable for me, given the cost of the software and so far into the release. I am now stuck as I’ve jettisoned the far more stable WL6 on windows, having ditched the PC for the last sole reason I used it on a regular basis: Wavelab. I’ve attached the crash report, any other info please ask. I can send these each time they happen to you PG if that’s better.


System info:

Mac Pro (early 2008), OSX 10.6.6, Wavelab 7.01
typical wavelab 7 crash.pdf (64.2 KB)

Yes, good suggestions for the shortcuts, though it’s too late for the upcoming 7.1.
A number of bugs have been fixed and should hopefully give you a better experience.

Thanks Philippe - Looking forward to 7.1!

Please keep those plugin window requests for an update down the road - it would be great!


WL7 montage unconditionally stable here on Windows 7 with frequent and comprehensive use. Could it be one or more of your plugins are the problem?