Repeated crashing on exiting sample editor

This is bugging me now

MACPRO 2x3.46 GHz 6-core processor 112GB RAM; TASCAM DM4800 w/firewire card; Cubase Pro 9.01

different projects , no plugins running

Attempting to quantise 12 raw live drum tracks in a folder.

I get intermittent crashing when exiting the sample editor after editing hit points on a single track - crashes about 1 time in 3 when closing the sample editor window.

One get around is to leave the window open until the quantise has been carried out and then Cubase automatically shuts it if I bounce the fragmented quantised files.

Multi-track quantising also seems a bit buggy when you quantise , undo , re-edit, re-quantise, undo etc … about the 3rd/4th undo will often crash Cubase too.

Also - when quantising multiple files the ‘crossfade’ option doesn’t appear in Quantise Setup Window until you close and re-open it after carrying out the timing changes.

Hope this informative and not repetitive