Repeated double dots

I can enter a dotted-note rhythm easily by first writing it as a straight rhythm, selecting the passage, and pressing “.” (dot).

But what if I want to have a rhythm of double-dotted quarters/sixteenth notes? If I press Alt-. to add more dots, I get this:

So Dorico adds the dots only to the previously-undotted notes. It also removes a sixteenth note’s worth of duration from the second dotted quarter, apparently because it has just dotted the preceding eighth note.

If I press Alt-. again, I get this:

Is that really a useful default behaviour?

I can of course manually select every other note (the dotted ones) and then press Alt-. to get what I want. That’s not too bad for a short passage, but not much fun for longer ones…

I have inlined the images to make it easier to see what I mean.

I agree that this doesn’t work as it ideally would: the number of dots on the dotted note tool in the toolbox should stay as e.g. 2 dots when you leave note input, so that adding dots to a selection of notes outside of note input would add double dots, and that would, I think, give you the result you want. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to address this, however.