Repeated glyph playing technique appearance not yet possible?

I have tried to create a new playing technique appearance using Bravura Text glyph U+EAE8 to indicate a wide, slow vibrato. I selected the option ‘Has duration’ in the hope that this would cause the glyph to repeat (like a trill wiggle) to indicate the duration of the vibrato. However, when I select a bar’s worth of notes and enter my new playing technique, the glyph appears only once — above the last note in the range.

On page 32 of Dorico_2.0_Version_History.pdf it says:
Duration: this currently has little effect, since Dorico does not yet provide all of the planned options for showing the continuation of a playing technique (which will eventually include solid and dashed lines and arrows of various kinds in addition to the current repeated glyph appearance)…
I read the words in bold type as implying that repeated glyphs are already available, but it seems not :frowning:

No, it’s not yet possible to make Dorico create that kind of wiggly line by way of the existing playing techniques feature.

Thanks Daniel. I’ve used a text object instead. Looking forward to this capability being added one day.