Repeated input note as natural

Just a little thing I cannot find it in manual; in a piece without key signature I put the note F# (with the computer’s keyboard) next I want an F-natural, I press the F button but Dorico automatically creates a F# assuming I want a repeated pitch. How can I have an instant F-natural without alter the accidental every time? Thanks

Accidentals last for the rest of the bar unless you specify otherwise, so to input an F natural in the same bar as an existing F#, you need to specify a natural.

Thanks, where I can find this option?

To be honest, it’s easiest to learn the key commands for altering pitch diatonically and chromatically. Input the note, then press Alt-Shift-down arrow.

Or press 0 (zero) for a natural.

Thanks, this is what I’m doing, just wonder if there is a preference like: “assigned accidental for current note only”. Actually in few contemporary pieces there are no natural signs before the notes, they been read as natural by default even though the some note has an accidental before. Of course this must be clearly stated on score (not relevant with my post, just saying! :slight_smile: )

There’s a setting for modernist accidentals in Notation Options: every accidental is restated.

Thanks Dan, it’s labyrinthine! I tried every combination of restated accidentals in Second Viennese and Modernist but with no results, back to zero ( 0 ) then…!

No setting for accidentals will force an F♮ to be entered after an F♯ in the same bar, by just typing F on the computer keyboard. Lacking a midi keyboard for input, you have to use the 0.


Thanks Mark, good to know.

I read almost everything here since Dorico 1 is born, and I think it is the first time someone requests such behavior. That might explain why it’s not implemented :person_shrugging:

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