Repeated notes not playing / SOLVED

I have this piece scored for choir where there are repeated notes. Some of them do not play back no matter what instrument I choose to play back the choir part. Right now it is set to a recorder.

Some chords are missing notes (repeated notes). I’ve deleted most of the piece and left the problem parts. I’ve made the notes that do not play into cue notes for reference. As I was deleting the surrounding music, some notes that were not sounding started to sound. Any one know what’s going on here? (349 KB)

In Playback Options, set the ‘Default notes’ option on the Timing page to 99% instead of 100%. When you have 100% duration, the note off and note on will be at precisely the same tick and the behaviour for repeated notes under those circumstances is unpredictable and device-dependent. You may also find it beneficial to set ‘Humanize the start positions of notes’ to 0% on the same page.

WOW! Changing Default notes to 99% fixed most of the issues and Humanize to 0% fixed all the others. Thank you so much!


Yeah, those humans; you have to watch out for them. :open_mouth: