Repeated Playback of Selected Instruments

I use Dorico to compose, so when I’m working on a piece I will select specific instruments from the score, and then use the ‘P’ key to start playback of those instruments. After making an edit or two, I want to hear the same group playback again so I can listen to the changes. Is there a way to do this without having to reselect the individual instruments again? This becomes cumbersome when working on a large score.

Yes, you could set those instruments to be soloed, which retains that setting for subsequent playbacks until you reset or change which instruments are muted/soloed.

Thanks. Good idea. I was also hoping for something a little more keyboard shortcut-ish like the P key where maybe shift-P would playback the last instrument selection. I do a fair bit of this and change the instrument selection frequently so it would be nice to not have to jump between write and play and adjust the solo settings.

Did you follow the links in my previous reply? Both of those settings have key commands by default.

(Also, welcome to the forum! Sorry, I missed this was your first post.)

So sorry I missed that. Yes, this will work perfectly. I appreciate your quick response.

You can of course also access the Mixer from any mode.

Hi Lillie. I was just trying to use the Alt-S option that you brought to my attention, but I have an issue due to using NotePerformer. It has it’s own mixer, so the built in Dorico option doesn’t work correctly. Any suggestions for this configuration?

You can mute/solo instruments in the NotePerformer Mixer.

Hi Janus. Yes, but it’s a very manual process and when turning on or off 15 out of 30 instruments takes too much time, especially when it’s just to review a few measures, and then maybe the same for a different grouping of instruments. The idea behind the Alt-S feature is great, I just would like something similar for NotePerformer. Thanks for the help though.

Note that you can select notes from the instruments you want to listen to before pressing p, and they will play solo. You can create special layouts with the instruments you want to hear in an order where the selection is convenient. Alt-s is not the only solution (I actually never use it, I try not to have to rrsort to the mixer for anything else than setting up the reverb and plug-ins as eq and compression)


Thanks Marc. I usually use the note selection and P option, but as soon as I edit something, that note selection is gone, and I have to re-select the instruments. Most of the time, I’m selecting instruments on the fly based on what I’m working on at the time. I guess in the end, it would be nice have a key combination, whether assignable or a default of Dorico, that would remember my most recent selection and playback with those instruments. Maybe something like using P the first time, and then Shift-P after that for the same instrument selection. This would be quick and wouldn’t require any extra steps to define instrument combinations.

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