Repeated section with different dynamics all 3 times?

I have a repeated of 4 bars. The instruction is to repeat the section 3 times.

The first time the dynamic is mf, the second time f, and the third time ff. In the original part the dynamic was written as “1=mf 2= f 3=ff” which seems clear to me.

I am trying to do something similar. I can get Dorico to put “1 = mf, 2= 3=” with the other dynamics missing. I tried to do brackets “mf[f][ff]”, but that did not display correctly. I tried putting numerous different dynamics, but Dorico deletes the first one and replaces with the new one. I tried putting “mf-f-ff” and Dorico ignores the input. Gould says very little about a case like this, and I am wondering what is the best way to achieve what I need. Any body have any thoughts?


In these cases, I set the dynamics at different positions and manually move them.

It’s possible to do this sort of thing with Shift-X text.

  1. Type your numbers using whatever your regular Shift-X text is.
  2. Copy and paste the glyphs you need from (or figure out an efficient way of typing in unicode characters on your operating system).
  3. Select each of the pasted glyphs and select Music Text from the top left dropdown of the text editing toolbar.

Whichever method you use, it’ll constitute a workaround and won’t play back correctly.

Thanks guys!!! I was hoping I was just doing something incorrectly, and was hoping to avoid a workaround.


This is good advice, especially if you want to put multiple vertically stacked dynamics on the same rhythmic position: moving them in write mode with the arrow keys is the only way to get them on the same spot. There is one caveat: the stacking order is determined by how far the dynamic sticks out to the left. E.g. ‘mp’ is wider than ‘p’, so it always appears above ‘p’. I found that you can fix this by entering a very long prefix with only spaces to the dynamic that you want to appear on top. (You can see that in the attached screenshot.)