Repeating cautionary time signature on new pages?

Hi all,

I’ve searched here and the help to no avail; is there a way to automatically repeat the current time signature automatically at the beginning of new pages in individual parts? I don’t want to “add” a new time signature, I basically want to add a reminder because this piece changes time signatures frequently and I think it would be helpful.

Any possibility? Maybe I’m missing something simple.

Thank you all!

Hi. If I understand your request, it would be an automatic time sig at each beginning of a new page… Never heard of such a feature, you’re probably not missing anything.

You did understand correctly. Thanks for the quick reply… too bad.

on peut le créer avec le popover et l’outil texte de système

The OP is requesting an automatic thing… I bet he’s aware of what he can do manually!

Doing it manually may be difficult unless all parts change pages at the same point in the score. One of @dan_kreider 's Mus fonts may be useful for this if done manually.

Thanks - yes my concern is exactly that… that certainly page turns aren’t consistent from player to player, and furthermore that if a part is revised at all, then it could very quickly becomes a mess.

MusGlyphs could make pretty short work of this. Yes, you’d need to set your page layout first, as well as hide the text objects in the full score. Not too difficult.

Thank you, I’ll check it out!