Repeating dynamics

Hi Everyone - I’m wondering if there is an easy way to repeat dynamic markings? In the example below I’d like to repeat the hairpins as indicated in the first measure. Any suggestions other than going through each iteration? I’ve tried “<>sim.” but couldn’t get it to work. Also if I could get a Sim instruction to stick, would it be recognized by NotePerformer?



Your best bet would be to select the dynamics, Copy, and Paste into each successive measure.

No, NP doesn’t parse out instructions like “sim.” Actually, I think that’s a Dorico-wise limitation at present.

Thanks for the prompt reply Dan - if I select more than the hairpin (the Mp marking etc) , Dorico selects the note as well which isn’t what I want.
In an ideal world, I’d just write Sim in the 2nd measure and be done…

Either select the mp and then go Edit > Select More (and learn the shortcut), or select the bar and then go Edit > Filter > All Dynamics. Then you can copy and paste the dynamics, and just the dynamics.

What Leo said. Or my preferred method is Ctrl-click to select multiple items.

Is this the EDWARD SHEARMUR from the amazing SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW score (among others)…?

That’s probably the kind of question one should ask in a PM to the individual in question.