Repeating inside a flow

I have a problem with repeating a solo part in the middle of a flow. I would like to control the bars that repeat for solo and make Dorico continue the piece after the solo section.

The solo section is an 8-bar structure that is repeated and followed by 4 bars. These 20 bars are repeated (open) but when the soloist gives a cue the form will be a little different with a break before the song continue. In the attached the repeated solo bars are bars 50-61 (a 12-bar period) and on cue bar 61 is replaced by bar 62 (with a break) and the tune continues.

I cannot make Dorico do this when it plays back. It is no problem having the repeated section 50-61. But I want Dorico to repeat from 61 and go to 50. Putting a repeat sign at 61 makes Dorico go to bar 1. Putting a D.S. at 61 and a Segno sign at 50 doesn’t have any effect, Dorico goes to bar 1 again.

Any suggestions?