Repeating passages ignores chord symbols, fermatas etc

This is the simplest of simple scores - just voices and a cello - and yet I’m still tying myself in knots. All I want to do is to repeat four bars. I’ve got insert mode activated; I select everything I can get my mouse on (including, in a similar instance later on, time signatures), but although the notes etc. get repeated, properly shifting the remaining material further on, things like fermatas, double bars and chord symbols don’t move:

This is evidently not the way to do this, and neither are the other ways I’ve tried., though it has to be said that Insert Mode and I have a very uneasy relationship. How should I go about it? There are lots more similar instances in the score.

Select anything on the downbeat of bar 7 (the first note, the lyric, the chord symbol or the barline) and type Shift-B 4 Enter. This will create four empty bars. Then make your selection, ensure that Insert mode is turned off and hit R to repeat.

Alternatively, grab bars 3-7 with the System Track (the grey bar above) then click the + button that will appear to the top right of the System Track. This will create four empty bars. Then click the square next to the right edge of the orange selection on the System Track. This will select the contents of bars 3-7. Then, again with Insert mode turned off, hit R to repeat.

Insert mode is voice-specific, so it’ll expand time for the stuff that’s voice-specific (notes, primarily) but not stuff that’s global (chord symbols, tempi, fermati etc.).

I can only thank you once again, Leo. The irony here is that I thought that I’d have to use Insert mode (which I try to give a very wide berth to) to do this, and yet in the end it’s a matter of using Shift-B which I use all the time! The system you described even takes in time signatures, which I expected it not to be able to do. The behaviour of chord symbols (which I very rarely have occasion to use) seems a bit weird, but I’m reading up on them now.