Repeating sign question

Hello, I do have a problem with adjusting the repeating sign.
As default is that the second time is shown in the bar after the first sign. And it is done like in tutti and single layouts. But often the second repeating is more than one bar later. Now when I move the second sign it is not displayed correctly in the single layouts.
What is the wright way to adjust this

What do you mean by “repeating signs” and how have you moved them, can you share the project?

If you move things graphically in Engrave mode, this can be limited just to the layout where you make the change (especially for system items like repeat endings).

If you want to lengthen items or move where they occur in the music, you need to do this in Write mode so the semantic meaning is clear. E.g. if you wanted the 2nd segment in a repeat ending to cover 2 bars not just one.

Notice that the 1st-and-2nd-ending construction is one object. When you select any part of it, you see 3 handles that you can drag to reposition – they snap to barline positions. The first handle is the start of the 1st ending, the middle handle is the length of the 1st ending, and the third handle is the length of the 2nd ending line. I think only the first and last handles will reposition with keyboard commands.

So to lengthen the 1st ending, you just drag the middle handle to the right.

Thanx for your answer, and sorry for my English.
So f.e. my
first repeat ending should be in bar2, the
second in bar 5.

I have to move the 2nd one manually form bar 3 , where it is displayed by default to bar 5 (or wherever) . And this movement is not displayed in all layouts , though the default position is…

Sorry If it is not precise…

Could you please share the project file itself? It’ll be a lot easier to be sure we understand what the situation is and how to fix it.

If you don’t want to share the whole thing, duplicate it and in the copied file delete everything except say the first 10 bars. Don’t delete bars from your original file, obviously!

Dear Lillie, I think it would be helpful if the “Lengthening/Shortening segments in repeat endings” page included links to “Inputting repeat endings with the popover” and “Inputting repeat endings with the panel” under Related Links. I knew there ought to be such pages, but I had to do another search to find them. Thanks.

Apparently I agree as it already does in my working set of files, and indeed in the iPad manual :slight_smile: