Repeats after D.C

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In the first example the repeat including endings are repeated after the D.C. (I activated this in settings).

However, in the second example the repeat and repeat endings are totaly ignorerd. So after the D.C. Dorico plays measure 1, 2 & 3 and after that it jumps to 5.

Is this normal behaviour?
How can I „fix“ the second behaviour?

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It looks like unintended behaviour.
I did some experimenting, with the following results.

If you select the D.C. mark and open Properties, you will see an item called Replay repeats. In the second example you gave, playback seems to play as you described (ignoring the repeat on the D.C.) whether or not that property is enabled and checked or not checked.
However, I discovered that if the 1st- and 2nd-time endings are removed, the Replay repeats property has the desired effect. Namely, if the Replay repeats blue button is enabled and the box is checked, the repeated section will repeat on the D.C. If the Replay repeats blue button is enabled and the box is not checked, then the repeat is ignored on the D.C.
The glitch in behaviour appears to be caused by the presence of alternative endings in the repeated section, namely the the Replay repeats property is not implemented properly if the repeated section has alternative endings.

Unless there is another workaround, I would suggest that the repeated section be written out in full without the 1st- and 2nd-time endings (ie bars 3, 4, 3, 5). The bars can be renumbered if needed. If both appearance and playback are important, I would duplicate the project and have one in which the notation is how I want it to appear and the other adjusted as necessary so that playback is how it should be.

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Dorico only plays the first set of repeats after a D.C./D.S. jump back to an earlier point in the score. This is a limitation that we hope to remove in future.

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This is the first set of repeats after a D.C./D.S jump back to an earlier point in the score. I found that that it plays properly if it is just a “straight” repeat, but ignores the repeat if 1st- and 2nd-time endings exist.


Thanks for trying! So I guess it’s a bug. But it’s not only about the playback. Dorico even exports the midi wrong and the repeat endings are ignored. Maybe Iam missing something but for writing pure piano pieces that’s a functionality I almost need in every single track and it gives me trouble right now.

see Repeats after D.C - #3 by dspreadbury

Hello, I have encountered the same issue and hope that the Dorico team can fix this bug as soon as possible. Thank you very much!