Repeats and double barlines

I want the barline at the end of the 2nd system (red) to be a normal barline and at the end of the 5th system (green)a double barline.
Both are before a repeat barline. When setting the Engrave Options to have a double barline at the end of a system before a repeat, all the corresponding barlines are changed.
Is there a way to have mixed normal and double barlines in this case?


Unfortunately not, no. Can you say more about why these two situations should be handled differently?

Hi Daniel,

the attached score is just a quick sample made up for demonstration.
I have a score where double barlines indicate new sections. If I have a repeat sign, it is sometimes at the start of a new section, sometimes it is not.

BTW, I have used chord symbols for the first time in this score. All I can say is that this is by far the best implementation I have ever seen, and I have used them all, from Score to Finale, from Graphire MusicPress to Sibelius. If the features I still miss will be implemented with the same care to usability and detail, Dorico will certainly be without competition once finished.


OK. I guess the only way around this would be for us to introduce a property that you could change on a per-repeat barline basis to either show or hide the double barline at the end of the previous system. I’ll make a note of this for the future.

+1 for show/hide, to distinguish between structural and incidental repeats (such as safety bars).

Thanks for considering this.

@steveparker: What is a safety bar? Do you write your scores on skyscrapers, anxious to fall down?

“Safety” bars are used in music theatre under dialogue/scene changes/audience applause in the middle of a song etc. Anywhere that the timing is variable from night to night. You loop round the same bar(s) for however long it takes for whatever to happen, and then move on.

Ok, something I never heard. Thanks for educating me.

Well… Leo is of course correct, but I have written a few scores in very high hotel rooms… although the ‘bar’ is something else…