Repeats don't play

My piece doesn’t play repeats. It was imported XML. I don’t have this problem with scratch-built projects. What should I do? (It’s a lot of notes!)
BTW, I did check the Play Repeats box.

Impossible to tell without seeing the project file.

XML imports can contain lots of data that conflicts with Dorico’s own settings. Perhaps try deleting the repeats and re-entering them.

I echo Ben here: I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the repeat barlines aren’t registering properly. I find that time signatures and barlines are my two biggest issues when I import XML files. (And I always have to switch the instruments back to Dorico’s defaults.)

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benwiggy and Romanos401 nailed it.
Of the three sets of repeats, after I replaced the first two, the whole piece works now, including the DS and Coda stuff. Thank you!

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