Repeats functionality vs playlist

If I have a piece of music, for ex 16 bars of a string quartet with a repeat, and on the repeat I want a flute part added. How shall I write it, using the repeat not having to write the 16 bars twice? Maybe I am just silly but it feels like I could use Dorico having a “block” function where one could rearrange a playlist for different sections, similar to cubase. I feels like the flow function is close to this, but then not quite this.

You could do this by suppressing playback on the first pass for the Flute notes; but in terms of written notation, that’s going to be confusing in score and part without some kind of textual explanation; and for only 16 bars, it’s easiest just to write out the phrase again.

If you’re on Dorico 4, then you’ll need to upgrade to 5, to get playback suppression on repeats.

OK thanks for answering! The sixteen bars was just an example, of course it is first with longer sections this problem becomes urgent. I guess I have to go through with the upgrade, but it requires the update of my whole macbookpro, irritating but I guess it has to be done! :-)!

What’s the problem with writing out the repeat? Select the passage, hit R, add the extra part. Job done.

If this is for real musicians, for whom the repeat structure may be the best option in some cases, I don’t see why adding ‘2nd time only’ above the flute part would be problematic.

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No I agree. I didn’t know that command would work in Dorico! maybe it doesn’t, but I guess it wouldn´t be so complicated for the Dorico team to program.

The thought was of course not to occupy too many pages if not needed. The problem appeared when reworking already written music in a longer piece where, I found another instrument was missing.