Repeats functionality

Hey, I was wondering if there is or could be an algorithm condensing/expanding the repeats automatically?

The idea being that if I write out something with multiple passes, maybe with multiple endings and realize that I want to change something in one of the repetitions, I have to do a lot tweaks manually. And all of that could be done automatically.

Also would be nice to be able to view the repeats differently for different parts. This would save a lot of space and improve readability in cases where some players are just repeating maybe a simple vamp while another stem is evolving every pass.

In optimal scenario Dorico could suggest possible places for condensing (per stem or globally) and give some options on how to do that.

It’s a feature I described in my Rhythmic Compression thread with ideas for the future… It’s not there yet but, obviously, I think it is a good idea :sweat_smile:

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I think Dan Spreadbury has mentioned in past posts about trying to implement this idea, but that they haven’t been able to implement it yet.

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Good to hear it’s been requested and considered! :slight_smile:

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Indeed! It would be very useful. I think it’s quite tricky to programme though, and if I were designing it I can imagine it being a bit difficult to work out a logical way of implementing it within the framework of Dorico’s UI.

Yeah, I wouldn’t know what it would actually require to implement this with the most complete features. Just a simple condensing/expanding would probably be executable with a smart macro? But to be able to view the repetitions differently for different players/parts might be more complicated if you wanted to keep them synced depending on how the files are constructed and if you needed to modify that it might result in compatibility issues with older versions. It’s fun to speculate, but what do I know… :smiley: Still I’d like to believe it’s doable!