Repeats in independent open meter

I would like to input repeat bar in independen open meter violin 2 part.
This is my starting point:

And this is result:

This solid barline at the left is situated in a place, where rest of orchestra has normal solid barline too and repeat (starting) barline is too much in right. I want to have repeat barline instead of solid, where I have independent parts.
Any ideas?

PS The violin 3 nad 4 parts are independent too. This is bigger score.

You can,

First, the staff in question has to have an independent meter from everyone else, otherwise it won’t work. If that’s the case, you can select a repeat bar and alt+click it where you want it.

I did it, but I still have solid barline and next to it – repeat barline. It seems, that Dorico is making the space for change of time signature, but in this case I have “hide time signature” and this space didn’t disappear. I want to have only repet barline in the place of normal barline of the rest ansamble.

Odd, when’re I’ve done it, hiding the time signature worked perfectly. Can you post a pic?

This is what happened, when you change global time signature and add repeat (you have solid barline, time signature mark and then repeat barlines):

This is what happened, when you hide time signature after the first step (solid barline was gone and repeat barline was moved to the left):

This is what happened, when I’m changing independent time signature and make „hide time signature” (the result should be like in 2 example, but only in the first part – and it’s not):

PS Ok, now I see, that it’s not clear enough.
I made this example just to show what kind of solid barline I don’t want to have in my independent part, and at this example it looks pretty logical, what Dorico is doing. But I need it for the ad libitum part, which has no bars at all. Just to notate the sequence, which have to be repeated, when the rest of ensemble has obbligato part.
I would like to achieve something like this:

I have ad libitum part in violin 1 and at the end of this part I want to create a repeat box. And the rest of ensemble is playing with the conductor. It looks strange, when before the repeat box there is additional solid barline, because this part has nothing to do with the sinchronisation with rest of ensemble.

I see what happens here. You have another TS change in the other parts and Dorico feels it needs to align things. It’s unfortunate because there is no good solution outside combining the 2/4 and the 3/4 into a 5/4. Either that or pasting the smufl glyphs from here

into parts and score after the engraving is more or less completed.

… I put the 5/4 in the wrong place , but I’m sure you understand what I mean