Repeats in some parts. Is this possible? Pro 3.5

I think it is not possible but often Dorico has an nice solution I do not know so I ask here.

I have a big band score with a lot going on in the horns but the rhythm section is playing the same chords the same way so I would like to have in the rhythm parts repeats and not in the horn parts. In the rhythm parts I can say play 6 times . And maybe at the beginning the the 6 rehearsal marks on a row. Is this possible or do I have to make a separate flow/file to make the rhythm parts.

Hi. This is a request I made in a feature request about rhythmic compression , I think. Not possible right now, if I understand your problem.

Ok thanks, then I make a separate flow for that. What you call rhythmic compression is exactly what I mean. Maybe one day it will be there.

This also came up in the thread on bar numbers (Bar Numbers and Repeat Endings - #15 by PjotrB).

It is a feature I would welcome.

This would be useful for me.
I write sores for my piano and vocal students which only use repeats or DS al coda when the music and lyrics are identical.
Once a year (pandemic excepted), we have a concert where the students perform with the teachers as backing band. There is a period of intensive work to produce lead sheets sufficient for the band to play the tunes. Ideally the lead sheets will fit on two A4 pages so they use repeats as well as alternative chord and rhythm indications.

I’ve done this for years in Finale (2008) by creating separate files, but recently I’ve wondered about whether Dorico could handle this better. My initial conclusion was that the repeat structure problem would prevent this.

My case would be a little different in that there probably wouldn’t be identical music that could automatically be made into a repeat, but I’d be happy to do a few manual things to make it happen.