Repeats infinity

Dear Forum,

for my students I´d like to create 4 -bar exercises, which don´t stop playing after the repetition. Can I workaround it, if I have no option with the repetition sign in v10.5?


What program are you using version 10.5 of?

If you are talking about Dorico (what is v10.5?) then there is a limit to the maximum number of repeats.


You will have to do this in a DAW I’m afraid.

Thats great. Did not know about this setting. THX very much

v10.5 refers to?
curiously asking


Sorry, Did not mention it in the post, but can see Dorico referenced in my view here. Sorry for inconvenience!!
Nonetheless: The dorico Version is 3.5 of course. Cubase was v10.5, but updated to v12 now. Please forgive me. Steinberg Software Trick of the brain so to speak :-)) See it now… THX to everybody helping me out fast here disregarding inproper infos from my side

Of course? Current version is 4.3.30.

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