Repeats not playing back

My repeats aren’t playing back. Are there defaults that need to be changed, am I doing something wrong, is this a bug, or is this file corrupted?
I’ve included the file for anyone to try. It was created from scratch and not converted from an xml file or similar. If I create a new file and rewrite the piece, it plays back fine and, so far, all my other files (outside of this collection) play back correctly. There are 19 pieces in this collection. None of the repeats work and I would prefer to not have to rewrite all of it. Let me know if it repeats for you.

Prelude (618.5 KB)

Go into Playback Options > Repeats and check the box for Play repeats. You might need to put a start repeat barline at the start of the second section, otherwise it will probably go back to the beginning again.

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Thanks Steven, that did the trick.

If this option has become switched off without you switching it off, chances are it’s because Dorico has detected that the repeat structure is malformed and will produce an infinite repeat, which will slow the program down a lot (as well as playing back incorrectly). Check that you have matching start and end repeat barlines throughout your piece.

Thanks for the tip, Daniel. There was, originally, a missing repeat when I proofed it. Everything is playing back normally now after switching the option back on.