Repeats not working in Dorico 4.3

Just got Dorico 4.3.
Decided to try the “create parts from chords” feature, after watching the video.
All seems to work fine except that repeat bars are not working.
Any ideas?
Here’s the project I used to try the new feature & diagnostic report.
XV-88 Trial 01 4.3dorico.dorico (1.0 MB)
Dorico (1.0 MB)

If you go to Library > Playback Options > Repeats, you’ll see the warning that tells you repeat structures in the project are unbalanced. If you can fix up your repeats (barlines, repeat markers etc), that option should get re-enabled automatically.

How do you fix up repeats?

In your project, by deleting the last repeat barline (as the D.C. repeat marker is conveying the same information, right?)

OK. Thank you.